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Hi, I am Nachikethas MJ. I love to travel on a tight budget using public transports most of the time, by taking intermediate vacations from my full-time job as the software engineer. Hopefully, these blogs inspire at least a few people to travel and see the amazing places out there.

Have some query? Shoot them at nachikethas.mj@gmail.com or comment here!

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  1. Found your blog very useful.Making an itinerary similar to yours when i visit Nusa islands. Any suggestion on the mode of travel in Nusa as i’l be travelling with mu husband and 9 year old son?

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    1. Glad to hear that. The condition of roads in Nusa Penida was so horrible a year before, making it impossible to ride a motorcycle with a person behind. If both of you can ride a gearless scooter, then hire them to travel around Nusa Cenigan and Lembongan, where the roads are in good shape. In Penida, if you got enough budget, I would suggest you hire a car with a driver.


      1. Thankyou for the suggestion.We are planning to stay 2 nights in the Nusa islands.Would you recommend staying Lembongan or Penida?


      2. I would suggest, stay in Lembongan on the first day and proceed to Penida on the next day. If you really want to stay on only one island for both then days, then go for Lembongan.


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